25 de mai. de 2016

PROFESSORES ATENÇÃO! veja as 30 COLAS mais criativas dos Alunos desesperados


Você se acha um professor atento? Acredite essas fotos abaixo vão te surpreender!!!  Veja como algumas pessoas se superam na arte da cola. Abaixo, veja 30 maneiras inusitadas que alunos encontraram para colar na hora da prova.



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China is vowing to exact harsh punishments on exam cheats at schools and colleges. Public security departments across the country have exposed cases of producing, selling and using 007 style communication instruments in Jinlin, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces to aid students to cheat. Police in Hubei, Shandong and Hebei provinces have even busted a number of suspected criminal groups who provide assistance to the students seeking to pass national entrance exams. The exam, known as the "gaokao", take place on June 7 and 8 this year, attracting nearly 9.4 million participants. Success is seen by many parents as crucial for the lives of their children. "Education and police authorities will continue to investigate crimes including stealing and selling examination papers, leaking information to exam sitters, providing equipment designed for cheating, and cyber attacks on exam websites," said an education department spokesman. He warned that cheating students would be stripped of the enrolment qualification for a period ranging from one to three years. Parents involved will be seriously punished according to the law. Earlier this week it was revealed how one Chinese school has become a place of pilgrimage for anxious parents and children who come to pray before it in the belief that such devotion helps pupils pass the crucial university entrance exam. The school has an outstanding academic record. But that has merely translated into superstition and hocus-pocus among locals who believe that the school, which also has a huge "tree of knowledge" that stands inside the grounds, has magical powers to make children excel in tests.


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